Spring 2024 seasonYou can pre-order trees now for delivery from December 2024.
Trained Trees banner logoPre-trained fruit trees from Keepers Nursery in association with Orange Pippin

Trained Fruit Trees

If you are looking for trained fruit trees to grow in your garden, you have come to the right place.

Trained fruit trees make an attractive and impressive addition to the garden. Most trained forms are intended to be grown against a wall or fence, so they take up surprisingly little space.

You can also grow trained trees along a trellis, to make an interesting partition in a larger garden.

And as well as looking good, these trees should also provide you with good quality home grown fruit.

We stock a range of trained fruit trees. We usually have the following forms:

  • Step-overs
  • Espaliers
  • Fans / Palmettes
  • Belgian fences
  • Cordons and U-cordons

Start by browsing our trained fruit tree catalogue or view examples of our trained trees as supplied.