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Catalogue of trained fruit trees for sale

  • Apples Malus domestica36 varieties
    Apple trees are suitable for training into numerous different forms.
    • Apples - Eating32 varieties
      The flavours of eating apples benefit from being grown on trained trees.
    • Apples - Cooking8 varieties
      The acid in cooking apples lends flavour when cooking and preserving.
  • Apricots Prunus armeniaca3 varieties
    Apricot trees are easy to train as fans and benefit from the microclimate of a south-facing wall.
  • Cherries Prunus4 varieties
    Cherries really benefit from being grown as fan-trained trees.
    • Cherries - Eating3 varieties
      Dessert cherry varieties really benefit from being grown as fan-trained trees in full sun.
    • Cherries - Cooking1 varieties
      Culinary cherry trees can be grown in most situations, including north-facing walls.
  • Crab-apples Malus3 varieties
    Trained crab apple trees make an unusual and attractive garden feature.
  • Mirabelles Prunus insititia1 varieties
    Mirabelle trees, like all stone fruits, are productive and attractive when trained as fans.
  • Nectarines Prunus persica1 varieties
    Nectarines are smooth-skinned peaches, and really benefit from being grown as fans.
  • Peaches Prunus persica4 varieties
    The flavours of peaches can be enhanced by growing them as fans on a sunny wall.
  • Pears Pyrus communis10 varieties
    Perhaps more than any other fruit, pears benefit from being grown in trained forms.
  • Plums Prunus domestica18 varieties
    We have a range of large and small fan-trained plums, ideal for any situation.
    • Plums - Eating18 varieties
      Plum varieties which really benefit from fan-training to enhance their flavours for eating fresh.
    • Plums - Cooking7 varieties
      Plum varieties which can be used for cooking and can usually don't require to be grown in full sun.
  • Quinces Cydonia oblonga2 varieties
    Quince trees are an excellent choice for fan-training on a warm wall.